Pearl Harbor Filmography Prior to 9/11

The concept of “Predictive Programming” (specifically with regard to the events of September 11, 2001) is well known to most who have their eyes open and seek the truth regarding that fateful day and can be traced back preceding the event by over 10 years and was largely subliminal in nature. The vast majority of that predictive programming was produced by the mainstream corporate media. This would suggest that corporations and the multinational elite that control them use the media in subtle (and sometimes overt) ways to sway the collective consciousness of the masses so that they will submit to draconian laws, the loss of rights and freedoms and evermore oppressive foreign policies. The following information which has been greatly overlooked by the general public is merely one more aspect of this corporate control of societal attitudes. Critical to this is the understanding that PNAC was a branch of this corporatocracy masquerading as a political entity.

In September 2000, the hawkish neoconservative, predominantly pro-Israel “think-tank” Project for a New American Century (PNAC) submitted a report to congress called, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”. In section 5, entitled “Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force”, it includes the following sentence:

“[T]he process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––LIKE A NEW PEARL HARBOR.” (Emphasis added.)

One year later, the 9/11/2001 “attack” on the World Trade Center and Pentagon changed the world and our lives forever while giving PNAC and their globalist corporate taskmasters everything they needed to do it. My only desire here, was to see if there was any correlation between the galvanizing “new Pearl Harbor” remark (a term used to describe 9/11 ever since) and propagandizing efforts by the corporate-owned mainstream media. This is what I discovered.

With regard to audio-video productions (Film, Television and Video) focusing on Historical Motion Pictures, Pearl Harbor-based Dramas and Documentaries while omitting (with the one exception of the short, “Pearlmageddon”) satirical references like “Malcom in The Middle” or “CPO Sharky” and old theatrical newsreels, I discovered in the 59 years between 1941 and 2000 there were 41 productions (including 7 foreign productions) – two of which were produced in 2000. The two produced in 2000 were the FIRST since the 50th Anniversary of the attack in 1991 (and those were the ONLY TWO productions in that decade)!

However, in the year 2001 THIRTEEN (13) productions were released or in the making between the PNAC statement and 9/11!! That represents 24% of ALL the Pearl Harbor related productions released up to that time – more than twice the next single-year Pearl Harbor production record set in 1942 – or a greater than 1,600% increase in the yearly average prior to 2000. We were being conditioned to go to war. This is how propaganda is used and our consciousness abused. It’s time we wake up, peel away our cognitive dissonance and do something about it, wouldn’t you say?

Go ahead and check my research yourself. The list follows:

~ An Examination Of Pearl Harbor Related Film and Television Productions

(41 Pearl Harbor related productions from 1941-2000)

(11 total [2 foreign])

“Remember Pearl Harbor” (1942)

“Secret Agent of Japan,” Twentieth Century Fox, 1942

“Little Tokyo, USA,” Twentieth Century Fox, 1942

“Across The Pacific,” Warner Bros., 1942

“Submarine Raider,” Columbia Pictures, (1942)

“Hawai Marê oki kaisen” (1942)
aka “Battle of Pearl Harbor and the Malay Coast”

“Air Force,” Warner Bros., (1943)

“Since Pearl Harbor” (1943)

“December 7th” (1943)
aka “O Ataque a Pearl Harbor”

“Pearl Harbor Payback” (1945)

“Blood on the Sun,” United Artists, (1945)

(9 total [2 foreign])

“Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941)” (1953) (TV Episode)
– You Are There (1953) (TV Series

“Hell’s Half Acre,” Republic Pictures, 1954

“From Here to Eternity” (1953)

“Pearl Harbor” (1956) (TV Episode)
– Air Power (1956) (TV Series)

“The Revolt of Mamie Stover,” Twentieth Century Fox, 1956

“Run Silent Run Deep” (1958)
aka “Oi ekdikitai tou Pearl Harbor”

“Taiheiyo senki” (1958)
aka “Da Pearl Harbor a Hiroshima”

“F.D.R.: Third Term to Pearl Harbor” (1958) (TV Episode)
– The Twentieth Century (1957) (TV Series)

“Jungle Heat,” United Artists, (1957)

(6 total [2 foreign])

“Hawai Middowei daikaikûsen: Taiheiyô no arashi” (1960)
aka “De Pearl Harbor a Midway”

“Storm Over the Pacific / I Bombed Pearl Harbor” (1960)

“Remember Pearl Harbor” (1961) (TV Episode)
– Hennesey (1959) (TV Series)

“The Man Who Spied on Pearl Harbor” (1961) (TV Episode)
– The Twentieth Century (1957) (TV Series)

“In Harm’s Way,” Paramount Pictures, (1965)

“Admiral Yamamoto,” Toho Company, (1968)

(5 total)

“Tora! Tora! Tora!” (1970)
aka “Tora! Tora! Tora!: The Attack on Pearl Harbor”

“Midway,” Universal Pictures, (1976)

“Pearl Harbor& the Explosions” (1978) (Short)

“Pearl” (1978) (TV Mini-Series)
aka “Pearl Harbor”

“From Here to Eternity,” NBC, (1979), TV Version

(7 total [1 foreign])

“Final Countdown” (1980)

“Imperial Navy,” Toho Company, (1980)

“Pearl Harbor” (1980) (TV Episode)
– From Here to Eternity (1980) (TV Series)

“The Winds of War,” ABC, (1983), 18-hour TV Series about WWII

“War and Remembrance,” ABC, (1988)

“Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor” (1989) (TV Movie)

“Pearl Harbor” (1989) (TV Episode)
– Remembering World War II (1989) (TV Series)

(2 total)

“Remembering Pearl Harbor” (1991) (TV Movie)

“Pearl Harbor: Surprise and Remembrance” (1991) (TV Episode)
– The American Experience (1988) (TV Series)

(2 total)

“Pearl Harbor: The Survivors’ Story” (2000)
“Tora Tora Tora: The Real Story of Pearl Harbor” (2000) (TV Movie)

(13 total [2 foreign])*

“Pearl Harbor” (2001)

“Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack” (2001) (TV Movie)

“Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon” (2001) (Short)

“Pearl Harbor” (2001) (TV Episode)
– La noche temática (1995) (TV Series)

“Journey to the Screen: The Making of ‘Pearl Harbor’ ” (2001) (TV Movie)

“History Undercover: Road Map to Pearl Harbor” (2001) (TV Movie)

“Pearl Harbor” (2001) (TV Episode)
– Battlefront (2001) (TV Series)

“Om filmen ‘Pearl Harbor’ ” (2001) (TV Episode)
– Gomorron (1992) (TV Series)

“Pearl Harbor: Day of Infamy… or Deceit?/Butch Cassidy: Was He the Smartest or Luckiest Outlaw?” (2001) (TV Episode)

“When Cultures Collide: From Perry to Pearl Harbor” (2001)

“Unsung Heroes of Pearl Harbor” (2001) (TV Movie)

“Pearl Harbor: Death of the Arizona” (2001) (TV Movie)

* (With the production, “Remember Pearl Harbor” included, but not released until the following year – see below)
PRODUCTION AFTER 9/11 (20 total in 13 years)

(2 total)

“Remember Pearl Harbor” (2002) (Short, in production pre 9/11/2001, released February 3, 2002)

“Pearl Harbor: Death of the Arizona” (2002) (TV Episode)
– Unsolved History (2002) (TV Series)

(2 total)

“Myths of Pearl Harbor” (2003) (TV Episode)
– Unsolved History (2002) (TV Series)

“Japanese Sub at Pearl Harbor” (2003) (TV Episode)
– Deep Sea Detectives (2003) (TV Series)

(4 total)

“Pearl Harbor: A Day of Infamy” (2004) (Video)

“Secrets of Pearl Harbor” (2004) (TV Movie)

“Attack on Pearl Harbor” (2004) (TV Episode)
– Days That Shook the World (2003) (TV Series)

“I-I69: Pearl Harbor’s Revenge” (2004) (TV Episode)
– Deep Sea Detectives (2003) (TV Series)

(1 total)

“Double Dip or: How Four Discs of Pearl Harbor Ruined My Life” (2005) (Short)

(1 total [foreign])

“Angriff auf Pearl Harbor – Das Rätsel um den ersten Schuss” (2006) (TV Movie)


(4 total)

“Pearl Harbour in 60 Seconds” (2009) (TV Short)

“Pearl Harbor Boy” (2009) (Short

“Pearl Harbor” (2009) (TV Episode)
– What Went Down (2008) (TV Series)

“Beyond Pearl Harbor” (2009) (TV Episode)
– Pritzker Military Library Presents (2006) (TV Series)

(1 total)

“Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor” (2010) (TV Episode)
– Nova (1974) (TV Series)

(4 total [2 foreign])

“The Letter from Pearl Harbor” (2011) (Short)

“Pearl Harbor Phantoms” (2011) (TV Episode)
– Ghost Hunters (2004) (TV Series)

“Das Geheimnis von Pearl Harbor” (2011) (TV Episode)
– History (2000) (TV Series)

“Isoroku Yamamoto, the Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet” (2011)
aka “Attack mot Pearl Harbor”

(1 total)

“Pearl Harbor, One Last Goodbye” (2012)

(2 total)

“Pearl Harbor” (2013) (TV Episode)
– The Nostalgia Critic (2007) (TV Series)

“Pearl Harbor Declassified” (2013) (TV Series)

This compilation does not include any literature, whether fiction, non-fiction or periodicals, and may not include ALL Pearl Harbor related Film and TV productions; only the ones that I could find in my research. In any event, there is absolutely no denying the spike in Pearl Harbor related productions prior to and immediately after the 9/11 “attack”. I will let you judge for yourself . . .


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Divided And Conquered (A Message of Love to Americans Everywhere)

Divided and Conquered

(A Message of Love to Americans Everywhere)



America, honey?  Wake up, baby—I think you’re having a bad dream.  . . . Sweetheart?  Come on, darling.  The new day’s almost here . . . America? . . . It’s time to wake up . . .


You twenty-hour-a-week-sports-watching-crack-smoking-wellfare-collecting


—wake up.

You lethargic-self-centered-materialistic-ultra-violent-misguided-pieces-of-disjointed-



—wake up.

You semi-educated-think-you-know-it-all-plugged-in-don’t-touch-my-Hummer


—wake the hell up.


You Republicans.  You Democrats

You Left. You Right.

You in betweens.

You capitalist pawns

Don’t you know that your low-life prostitute political icons hate you?

They’ve got to keep you off guard.

—to keep you running in circles

—to like what they say you like

—to hate what they say you hate

—to do the bidding of their homosexual Bilderberger benefactors 

—to march off to fucking war

For corporations owned by white-bread, blue-blood, apolitical captains of industry

Who’ll only bend over for the pope to receive his blessing

So they can steal from your neighbors without guilt or fear

Does this keep you safe or make them rich, dear? 


Yeah, baby, they feed off of you. 

They drink your sweat and the blood they’ve spilled

Mixed with the effluence of the children they’ve killed

With the sharp, shiny axes

They bought with your taxes. 

I know you too have been wounded

But you can’t find the scar. 

You’re as dumb as they think you are.

As dumb as they’ve made you.

Yeah, they make you, baby.

So make no mistake—

As you spend your time hating

 And baiting

 And waiting

 And grating

 Your nails against the other man’s slate—


That they’re the ones who opened the gate

And you’re so divided you don’t know it’s so late.

You’ve been divided and conquered

And split down the middle

Drawn and quartered, so distracted,

That you can’t learn the riddle

You see, Satan’s house is divided too—and so are you.

So are you.

So are you, you stinking flip,

You ignorant nigger,

You wet-back spic,

You white trash cracker,

You skin-head punk,

You fucking gook,

You nip, you jew, you

. . . you . . .

You lefty,

You righty,

You tight-ass whitey

So blinded by race

You protect the high and the mighty

You dysfunctional bigots

Drunk with your pride

(Can’t you realize we’re all human inside?)

They made you this way

Made you drunk with their wine

But you don’t remember

You can’t even think

That there were many like me

Who bade you don’t drink

But now things are not what they seem

It’s only a dream.  It’s only a dream.

It’s your horrible nightmare that’s making me scream.

But they won’t wake you up.

No they’ll never let you in. 

They can’t have the “unwashed”

Aware of their sin. 

They like things the way they are.

Where they fly off to Europe

And you steal a car

Or if you’re lucky

 You can bust a rhyme

Or sell your whole life

Eight hours at a time

Just to buy one.

The status quo is the friend they know

A world where the masses are on the go

While they kick back and take things slow.

No they’ll never let you in.

Not for nothin’.

No—first you’ve got to join their club. 

Like Bush, like Rumsfeld, like Cheney and Ley.

Like the Powells and Wolfowitz and Chocolate Candy.

Like Swartzenegger and Wilson.  Like Ashcroft and Freeh.

And prove you’ll do anything to satisfy their greed.

But you’re all on the outside and they’ll never let you be.

United we stand? My ass—MY ASS!

As they pump up the volume and the prices of gas.

“Oh, but we’re at war with Iraq—that problem won’t last.”

Didn’t you fucking hear me? I said, “MY ASS!” 

They’ve invented your cultures with their media assets

And then sell it back to you bit by bit

Counting on the fact that you won’t give a shit

And knowing you won’t live long enough to perceive all of it

‘Cause you’re eating all their fast-food-crap

That’s sure to kill you before you snap

Just as your eyes open to see the light.

Feeling truth’s warmth on your face after a cold winter night.

Yeah—see the light . . .

The light that reveals their sick-little-greasy-pedophile-peckers

You’ve been feeling up your ass your entire life.

But they’ve got you to the point where you love the strife.

Takin’ each of your breaths from under the knife.

And they know how to make it feel good.

They make it feel the way a lover should.

They first get you drunk

So you can’t smell their funk 

And caress you and tease you

As you shoot up their junk

But they are a whore who rolls her johns.

She lures them,

Shows them,

Sells them,

Blows them.

Yeah—she makes them feel free.

She makes them feel free.

But the cunt’s too greedy to let them be.

So after your out and you’re under her spell,

She’s emptied your pockets and left you a shell

From the 9 milimeter round that sent you to hell.

So tell me y’all—does this ring a bell?

You’ve got nothing but hate and fear and stink

And you’re too distracted to stop and think—

That maybe it’s too late and you’re beyond the brink.

But naw—fuck that bullshit and give me a drink

As I remember her softness—all pretty and pink.

You’re dead—don’t you get it?

You can’t change your ways . . .

You can’t change your ways . . . 

YOU CAN’T CHANGE YOUR WAYS!  . . . or can you?

Can you? –Can you come to a consensus?

Or will you replace your walls with electrified fences?

And let them trap you and use you—

Enslave and abuse you?

No.  Not you.

No way man.  You know the score.

You got you some bling-bling and you want you some more.

You’re payin’ your bills and you ain’t ‘fraid of no whore.

Yo—pick up some Chivas when you’re down at the store.

You.  Yes you.


This is my love-letter to you, America.


Wake up from your slumber

And take back your lives

Learn to care for the planet

Not just your husbands or wives


Wake up from this nightmare

Of hatred and fear.

And love one another

While the end looms so near.


Wake up from your pipe-dreams—

All false and unclaimed.

Wake up so I can kiss you

And not feel ashamed.

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Poetic Commentary

 “The Inevitable Conclusion”

(Late 1990s)


Fluorocarbons, chemicals, nuclear waste,

War, starvation, genocide, and the ever bitter taste

Of false religion, rampant plagues,

And decisions made in haste,

And all of the unconquerable problems

With which each of us are faced

Have led me to the inevitable conclusion:

That the Human race is raced.


Troy Michaels

(aka Michael Troy)



“A Call for The Wild”



The corporate ladder has many rungs

But the scream of freedom fills my lungs

To leave this world of dog eat dog

And hike through a misty mountain fog.

Let me leave behind these commuter woes

To lie in a field where the wild flower grows

All around this world I’m bossed

Yet I’ve never seen a country frost.

Instead of the city’s constant throng,

I’d rather hear a wild bird’s song

Please take me from this place of stature

And deposit me in the midst of nature

To escape these smoke-filled conference rooms

For the place where the majestic redwood looms!


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Love Poems . . .

 “In The Waters of Life”



The waters of life run deep,

Their unknowable currents swift.

Some are wont to wade it’s shores

And others merely drift.


Once I rode it’s mighty waves

Only to be dashed against the rocks

Observed by weathered faces

Lined up along the docks.


And once I swam it’s murky depths

Alone and lost and scared

Breathlessly rising to the surface

And still none of the faces cared.


So then I started once again

Swimming hard against the tide

And there amid the cresting waves

Your beauty had I spied.


Now I long to take you in my arms

And swim beyond the breaks

To hold you in the swelling waters

Before our ever growing wakes


Again I want to ride the waves

From the waters to the shore

And I know if you would join me

I’d enjoy it all the more


So lets find a tall and mighty wave

And swim it side by side

Gliding through a spinning tube

Above the quickly ebbing tide


And as the waves approach the rising sand

With a spray like a salty rain

We’ll swim from shore back to the breaks

To seek the waves again


So be confident I’ll love you

Through the good times and the strife,

And all the wondrous mysteries

That are borne by the waters of life.



“A Picture of Love”

October, 1991


If I could possibly paint a picture

Of the love that I have for you,

It would contain the most brilliant colors

And the most gentle, changing hues


It would be of a sunrise

Coming out of the east,

With an intensity unmatched

By man or beast


It would sing of the Bond

That we share, you and I,

With the distant clouds jealous

Of our clear, azure sky


There would be blues, rich and deep

For the sincerest vows we each shall keep

The canvas shows through with virtuous white

For the peaceful way we’ll sleep at night

And it should have the most vibrant red

For the insatiable passion we’ll share in bed

And the softest brush strokes would play their part

In describing that place for you in my heart,

But the boldest strokes of the greatest length

Could not depict my love or it’s strength


A picture is worth a thousand words,

But my love is worth much more

So my brushes, my canvas, and my paints,

I cast upon the floor


It is a futile effort to paint my love

Upon an easel made of steel,

And even my words could never color

This deepest emotion that I feel


So try to grasp these four mere words

(And God, I pray you do)

The entire meaning when I say,

Darling, I love you.



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Anti-War Poems (by yours truly)

Welcome to my weblog.  I hope you find it interesting . . . or at least "entertaining".  Here are two anti-war poems that I wrote.  The first while in the Army, and the latter as a civilian.  I hope you enjoy . . .


“Faceless Targets” 



      Thunderclouds pass to reveal the sun,

But pools of water still remain,

A shot is heard from a soldier’s gun,

As another falls in dampened pain


Disfigured bodies lay in the field

All but recognized by their friends in life

What was this day supposed to yield?

A hilltop, a valley, a mourning wife?


Tanks and artillery play their own song

To faceless targets with receiving ears

The instruments know no right from wrong

Yet play louder and louder to increasing fears


Each side feels the same of the war

And at each other they’ll continue to strike

Whene’er they feel needs to even the score

They ignore the fact that they’re so much alike.


When will man notice his greatest mistake

That problems are solved in life and not death

How many centuries could it possibly take

To lay down our weapons and not save our breath?


And . . .



“Amid The Light”



The secret dreads,

The bloodied heads

Buried deep beneath the garden

The way they bled,

The forgotten dead

Would make the weak man harden.


Their sins were few,

Their hearts were true

Though their cause was not the best

Their commanders knew

When the battles grew,

That here they’d be laid to rest


They placed the blame

(Those who came)

Upon their enemy’s deed

Instead of the game,

Which deserves no name

That caused their children to bleed


Yet tomorrow

They forget their sorrow,

And the salute of twenty-one guns,

Scream the moms,

“Drop the bombs!”

On other mother’s sons.


Around the bend,

Perhaps an end

To the ceaseless petty fight,

But now we send

Our son and friend

To blind deaths amid the light.



Michael Troy



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