Anti-War Poems (by yours truly)

Welcome to my weblog.  I hope you find it interesting . . . or at least "entertaining".  Here are two anti-war poems that I wrote.  The first while in the Army, and the latter as a civilian.  I hope you enjoy . . .


“Faceless Targets” 



      Thunderclouds pass to reveal the sun,

But pools of water still remain,

A shot is heard from a soldier’s gun,

As another falls in dampened pain


Disfigured bodies lay in the field

All but recognized by their friends in life

What was this day supposed to yield?

A hilltop, a valley, a mourning wife?


Tanks and artillery play their own song

To faceless targets with receiving ears

The instruments know no right from wrong

Yet play louder and louder to increasing fears


Each side feels the same of the war

And at each other they’ll continue to strike

Whene’er they feel needs to even the score

They ignore the fact that they’re so much alike.


When will man notice his greatest mistake

That problems are solved in life and not death

How many centuries could it possibly take

To lay down our weapons and not save our breath?


And . . .



“Amid The Light”



The secret dreads,

The bloodied heads

Buried deep beneath the garden

The way they bled,

The forgotten dead

Would make the weak man harden.


Their sins were few,

Their hearts were true

Though their cause was not the best

Their commanders knew

When the battles grew,

That here they’d be laid to rest


They placed the blame

(Those who came)

Upon their enemy’s deed

Instead of the game,

Which deserves no name

That caused their children to bleed


Yet tomorrow

They forget their sorrow,

And the salute of twenty-one guns,

Scream the moms,

“Drop the bombs!”

On other mother’s sons.


Around the bend,

Perhaps an end

To the ceaseless petty fight,

But now we send

Our son and friend

To blind deaths amid the light.



Michael Troy



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