Love Poems . . .

 “In The Waters of Life”



The waters of life run deep,

Their unknowable currents swift.

Some are wont to wade it’s shores

And others merely drift.


Once I rode it’s mighty waves

Only to be dashed against the rocks

Observed by weathered faces

Lined up along the docks.


And once I swam it’s murky depths

Alone and lost and scared

Breathlessly rising to the surface

And still none of the faces cared.


So then I started once again

Swimming hard against the tide

And there amid the cresting waves

Your beauty had I spied.


Now I long to take you in my arms

And swim beyond the breaks

To hold you in the swelling waters

Before our ever growing wakes


Again I want to ride the waves

From the waters to the shore

And I know if you would join me

I’d enjoy it all the more


So lets find a tall and mighty wave

And swim it side by side

Gliding through a spinning tube

Above the quickly ebbing tide


And as the waves approach the rising sand

With a spray like a salty rain

We’ll swim from shore back to the breaks

To seek the waves again


So be confident I’ll love you

Through the good times and the strife,

And all the wondrous mysteries

That are borne by the waters of life.



“A Picture of Love”

October, 1991


If I could possibly paint a picture

Of the love that I have for you,

It would contain the most brilliant colors

And the most gentle, changing hues


It would be of a sunrise

Coming out of the east,

With an intensity unmatched

By man or beast


It would sing of the Bond

That we share, you and I,

With the distant clouds jealous

Of our clear, azure sky


There would be blues, rich and deep

For the sincerest vows we each shall keep

The canvas shows through with virtuous white

For the peaceful way we’ll sleep at night

And it should have the most vibrant red

For the insatiable passion we’ll share in bed

And the softest brush strokes would play their part

In describing that place for you in my heart,

But the boldest strokes of the greatest length

Could not depict my love or it’s strength


A picture is worth a thousand words,

But my love is worth much more

So my brushes, my canvas, and my paints,

I cast upon the floor


It is a futile effort to paint my love

Upon an easel made of steel,

And even my words could never color

This deepest emotion that I feel


So try to grasp these four mere words

(And God, I pray you do)

The entire meaning when I say,

Darling, I love you.



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One Response to Love Poems . . .

  1. Unknown says:

    my name is julie.  i just wanted to tell you that i think your poems are absolutely beautiful.  especially the one titled "A Picture of Love".  i just got onto MSN and was browsing the my space sites and came across yours.  i used to live near where you live.  not since i was a child but I also have very close relatives in Napa.  why i am telling you all this i dont know.  after i read your blog i felt really compelled to write to you.  i will admit that a very big reason is because i am still looking for that one man who is the right one for me.  i have had a few false alarms but not yet.  and if he felt for what you wrote in that poem, that would be a dream come true.   i would love to get a reply back from you so here is my e-mail address:  if not, thats ok too.  have a good one.

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