Poetic Commentary

 “The Inevitable Conclusion”

(Late 1990s)


Fluorocarbons, chemicals, nuclear waste,

War, starvation, genocide, and the ever bitter taste

Of false religion, rampant plagues,

And decisions made in haste,

And all of the unconquerable problems

With which each of us are faced

Have led me to the inevitable conclusion:

That the Human race is raced.


Troy Michaels

(aka Michael Troy)



“A Call for The Wild”



The corporate ladder has many rungs

But the scream of freedom fills my lungs

To leave this world of dog eat dog

And hike through a misty mountain fog.

Let me leave behind these commuter woes

To lie in a field where the wild flower grows

All around this world I’m bossed

Yet I’ve never seen a country frost.

Instead of the city’s constant throng,

I’d rather hear a wild bird’s song

Please take me from this place of stature

And deposit me in the midst of nature

To escape these smoke-filled conference rooms

For the place where the majestic redwood looms!


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One Response to Poetic Commentary

  1. true says:

    Hi! I like your poems very interesting. I would like to come time to time to your space… I would be honord if you leave a comment. =D May you be blessed always.
    Peace be with you!

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