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Pearl Harbor Filmography Prior to 9/11

[I]n the year 2001 THIRTEEN (13) productions were released or in the making between the PNAC statement and 9/11!! That represents a greater than 1,600% increase in the yearly average prior to 2000. Continue reading

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Divided And Conquered (A Message of Love to Americans Everywhere)

Divided and Conquered (A Message of Love to Americans Everywhere) (10/30/03-3/19/06)   America, honey?  Wake up, baby—I think you’re having a bad dream.  . . . Sweetheart?  Come on, darling.  The new day’s almost here . . . America? . … Continue reading

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Poetic Commentary

 “The Inevitable Conclusion” (Late 1990s)   Fluorocarbons, chemicals, nuclear waste, War, starvation, genocide, and the ever bitter taste Of false religion, rampant plagues, And decisions made in haste, And all of the unconquerable problems With which each of us are … Continue reading

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Love Poems . . .

 “In The Waters of Life” 8/94   The waters of life run deep, Their unknowable currents swift. Some are wont to wade it’s shores And others merely drift.   Once I rode it’s mighty waves Only to be dashed against … Continue reading

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Anti-War Poems (by yours truly)

Welcome to my weblog.  I hope you find it interesting . . . or at least "entertaining".  Here are two anti-war poems that I wrote.  The first while in the Army, and the latter as a civilian.  I hope you … Continue reading

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